Many teachers will teach you the same thing about Theta wave states. We all agree that Theta wave states are the ones you would want to cultivate in order to manifest what you want in your life.

Theta State In Brief:

In my post Brainwave Entrainment And Magick I discuss the various brainwaves, in this article, I will discuss Theta in general.

Theta Wave state is a very deep , yet spiritually state. People who do not use Brainwave Entrainment audios often need to meditate for many hours to achieve this state. When you are in the Theta, you are working directly with the subconscious mind. It is for this reason, tapping into it will only enhance your magick, but can also change your life and how you behave for the better.  Theta is the state that enhances all creativity. In fact, I do not write or read without having Theta Wave entrainment audios on. Often, my meditation sessions also involve Theta Wave Audios to put me deeper into the Meditative state. It used to take me hours to get into the meditative state, now it only takes a few minutes, and I am there. In short, it is a very powerful and spiritual state to be in.  In fact, the Theta state is the state cultivated during fire walks and other activities that require some boundary pushing.

Other benefits of Theta Wave State are:

  1. Pain Reduction
  2. Stress Relief
  3. Creative Thinking
  4. Increased Clarity
  5. Harmonious, Whole-Brain Functioning.
  6. Enhanced Verbal and communication skills, both in speech and in writing.

And Many more.

If you are new to Brainwave Entrainment, I highly recommend starting with Theta Wave Programs.  Nearly half of the audios I have on this site contain Theta and for good reason.  I am confident you will find one that will be just right for you.

So Mote it Be,

Baal Kadmon

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