As you may know, I am an avid user of brainwave entrainment audios. I use them for everything; I always write while listening to them, I also read with them on. I find that I retain more of what I read while using them. These two benefits are important for what I do as my profession. Being a writer requires that I expend massive amounts of mental energy every day. Without Brainwave entrainment products, I would most definitely not be able to write as prolifically as I do. Brainwave entrainment audios have many more benefits, which I will discuss here.

Entrainment audios are superb at relaxing the mind. We live in an age that elevated levels of stress are the norm. This has proven to be very detrimental to our health. People are looking for ways to relax. Brainwave entrainment audios can help.

Another benefit of brainwave entrainment audios is its ability to harmonize both sides of the brain. Often, we tend to have one dominant side. Some are more creative and less analytical, while others are more analytical and less creative. Brainwave entrainment helps harmonize the brain hemispheres so you use more of your brain during any given task.

The benefits of working with both sides of your brain are numerous.

Here are just a few:
Enhanced comprehension
Faster learning
More acute intuitive abilities
Enhanced creativity
The removal of subconscious blocks
Laser focus
Enhanced problem-solving skills
Enhanced meditation skills
Enhanced magical abilities
And many more benefits!

Although the brainwave entrainment products at are geared towards occultists, anyone can use them for the above benefits. For example, using the audios dedicated to Hermes will help with your learning abilities etc. New audios are added every week. I truly hope you enjoy them.

So Mote it be,

Baal Kadmon

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