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We have just entered a sacred trust. In the days and weeks ahead you will receive emails from me with the information you need to enhance your magickal practice. I know that not all my work is suitable for all people, however, unlike other occultists, you will not learn the same old , recycled information. You will take your magick to a new level, even if not all my works appeal to you. One thing is for certain , I will never waste your time.

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Brainwave Entrainment audios can help you achieve the altered states of consciousness you need to do deep ritual work. Science has proven that Brainwave Entrainment audios can enhance any state you wish to cultivate. Now, powerful audios are available to help you take your ritual and occult practice to new dimensions.

What you will find here is powerful audio, custom tailored to the spiritual entity you are working with. Each audio has a brainwave frequency that matches the intent of the spirit. Many below may share the same brainwave pattern, but NOT the same frequency within that Brainwave pattern, thus, making them unique.

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