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The God Saturn has a paradoxical nature. You can call upon him for wealth, abundance, and mental freedom, but he is also a heavy energy and can be used to protect you from enemies and baneful magick.

This audio below represents the paradoxical nature of Saturn. There are highs and lows with an underlying heaviness that he is known for. Listening to this audio will help you connect with his power.

Please listen with headphones.

Saturn Entrainment – 20 Minute MP3 Audio – Saturn – Delta – Theta Audio

PDF Instructions – Saturn – Delta – Theta Audio Insert

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Santa Muerte - Multiple Brainwave Frequencies

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The Audio is in MP3 format and is 28 minutes in duration; Included in this download are instructions on how to use this audio.

We will be cycling between her many aspects.

We start with Santa Muerte in Black. Here she is dissolution and destruction, but also the protection against evil. In this form, she breaks spells. Here we start with Delta Wave and slowly move up to Beta.

We proceed with Santa Muerte in White. Here she is purification and perfection, but also for new beginnings and motherly healing. Here we go back from Beta to Theta wave in order to induce a state of healing.

We then gently move into Santa Muerte in blue. Here she is the protector of our daily lives; be it to improve our relationships, to our livelihoods. In this form, she teaches patience and wisdom. Here she mends relational wounds be they business or interpersonal. Here we stay in Theta and move up and down the Theta frequency threshold; this is to induce healing, patience, and wisdom.

We then greet Santa Muerte in Green. In this form, she is the ultimate arbiter of justice and law but even more importantly she is, in this aspect is also one who heals the mind and bestows harmony to our mental state. Here we move through Theta and Delta wave frequencies to induce calm and healing as well as to restore harmony within.

We then transition to Santa Muerte in Gold. Here she is the essence of providence and prosperity, here she is the bestower of good fortune and luck. We move from Delta and Theta to Beta and Gamma to give us the energy and will to pursue our financial freedom.

While staying in the higher frequencies of Gamma we encounter Santa Muerte in Red. Here she incites our passions for sex, lust and love. Here she can incite passion in lovers or destroy those bonds. It is your intention that eventually guides how she uses her force in red.

And finally, we go into deep delta. Here we encounter Santa Muerte in purple. Here she is the goddess and patroness of Magick, Sorcery and initiation into the occult arts. She is the gatekeeper of the veil. When you work with her in this form, she lifts the veil of the spirit world to work with you in your magick. But there is a warning….Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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