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The God Saturn has a paradoxical nature. You can call upon him for wealth, abundance, and mental freedom, but he is also a heavy energy and can be used to protect you from enemies and baneful magick.

This audio below represents the paradoxical nature of Saturn. There are highs and lows with an underlying heaviness that he is known for. Listening to this audio will help you connect with his power.

Please listen with headphones.

Saturn Entrainment – 20 Minute MP3 Audio – Saturn – Delta – Theta Audio

PDF Instructions – Saturn – Delta – Theta Audio Insert

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The Brainwave Entrainment Audio contained herein will assist you in tapping into the dark and intense powers of the great demon Samael. The audio starts in Delta and then moves to Beta and then back down to Delta. The musical accompaniment transitions to reflect his nature.

Samael is by far the most powerful demon in the Kabbalah. He is, in many ways, the counterpart to Yahweh in Hebrew Kabbalah. His wife is Lilith, Queen of the Left-Hand Path. With this audio, you can experience the powerful, and dark energy he brings to a ritual.

The Audio is in MP3 format and is 20 minutes in duration and comes with instructions on how to use it.

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