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The God Saturn has a paradoxical nature. You can call upon him for wealth, abundance, and mental freedom, but he is also a heavy energy and can be used to protect you from enemies and baneful magick.

This audio below represents the paradoxical nature of Saturn. There are highs and lows with an underlying heaviness that he is known for. Listening to this audio will help you connect with his power.

Please listen with headphones.

Saturn Entrainment – 20 Minute MP3 Audio – Saturn – Delta – Theta Audio

PDF Instructions – Saturn – Delta – Theta Audio Insert

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Ishtars - Inannas Descent Into The Underworld

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This audio is meant to be listened to in its entirely and when you are in bed or in a comfortable position.

The Audio will be 27 minutes long. The Brainwave frequency will be DEEP DELTA. In this audio we will join Ishtar on a journey through the underworld.

Her journey into the underworld is one of the most famous stories of ancient times. She descends into the underworld and encounters her sister Ereshkigal. She arrives in the most splendid dress and is bedecked with jewels. As she enters the underworld, she is forced to give up a piece of her splendid attire at each of the seven gates of the underworld. By the time she passes through, she is naked and powerless. As she languishes in the Underworld, the earth is parched by a drought, and a slow and dark death spreads across the land. The Gods, the Annunaki, see the hell that is earth and revive her. When she is revived, the earth is restored and the crops are abundant. It was from this moment that the Annunaki defined the boundaries between the underworld and the earth.

By joining her on her journey, we too pass through the gates of the Underworld, we witness her suffering, we witness her nakedness, and we too participate in her glorious revival.

This audio is meant to guide you through the dark recesses of the mind and soul and to emerge anew.
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