Brainwaves and Magick

Your brain is by far the most powerful and magickal instrument in the entire universe. Nothing can compare to its boundless power. It has an infinite array of abilities that we are only now coming to understand. The brain is a very small portion of the total number of cells, yet it is the organ that makes sure the other cells are working fine. However, the brain which is only about three pounds of your total body weight contains practically an infinite amount of storage space; a 3-pound organ with infinite capabilities.

The brain emits waves at all times, in some form or another; this is how it projects occult power. There is a wave pattern that arises when we are wide wake, before we sleep and during sleep or performing certain tasks. The waves represent varying degrees of electrical activity and are usually recorded by an EEG or electroencephalogram. These same waves are the reason why biofeedback is so effective in treating patients. To make this easier to visual, here is a breakdown of the different brain waves and their electrical frequency and when they usually occur.

The Brainwaves:

Brain WaveFrequencyWhen they occur
Delta WaveRange up to 3 Hertz (Hz)During sleep.
Theta WaveRange from 4 Hz to 7 HzDrowsiness or arousal/ often seen in meditation.
Alpha WaveRange from 8 Hz to 12 HzRelaxation with closed eyes.
Beta WaveRange from 12 Hz to 30 HzActive thinking/Concentration.
Gamma WaveRange from 26 Hz to 100 HzFor certain cognitive and motor functions.

These brain waves are intertwined with the energy in the universe and actually transcend time. When the brain enters certain states of awareness, it becomes more receptive to Spiritual energy in all its forms. Have you ever had a premonition? Or a precognitive dream? During these episodes, the brain is emitting these waves. Spiritual entities interact directly with us, and a requisite shift in our brain waves occurs.

To illustrate how the brain transcends space and time, I want you to think of a time you had a precognition, whether in a dream or awake, or when you had that moment of “I knew it” yet you had no reason to “know it,” you just had that gut feel, that intuitive pull.  On a logical level, these precognitive events should not be occurring. In western society, we have an idea that time is linear. That all events are new and occurring as time unfolds. However, this is not true.

If you look through the millions of documented TRUE cases of precognition, you can’t help but think there must be something to it. Even if you run a basic statistical analysis, the chances of all of them being false are almost nil. Something is going on; the brain is tapping into a future event that has not happened yet.

I first realize the power of brain waves when I was around 16 or so. When I got a hold of  ‘brain wave therapy’ tapes, I enjoyed them. I had no clue what a brain wave was and had no clue what it meant. This idea of brain waves entrainment being useful for achieving goals sparked an interest for more information. I started to experiment with them during my countless ritual sessions. I found that it worked like a charm and brought this technology to all my occult friends.

We found that when using brainwave audios, We could get into the “zone” within minutes. We also realized that it was most effective when the zone we were in, resonated with the nature of the spiritual entity we were calling upon.   

Lower frequency waves were wonderful when calling upon gentler spirits; it places the mind in “SYNC” with those spirits. For the harder spirits such as demons, the higher, faster paced frequencies helped the most.

In is in light of this that I created this new line of Brainwave Entrainment audios SPECIFICALLY for magick and Occultists in general.  I truly hope you enjoy them.

Please feel free to email me below if you have any questions.

So Mote It Be,

Baal Kadmon


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