Magick is our birthright. Magick and ritual are so deeply rooted in our genetic code that even those who do not believe, often find themselves saying a little prayer and hoping through some magickal process, the prayer will be heard . When you say “God, I hope this works out” “Thank God” and related phrases, you are actually performing a kind of ritual, whether you believe in it or not. It is a natural instinct to do this. Rituals do not have to be a long drawn out processes. The spirits you call are very aware of what you need and who you are; the ritual is more for your own mental benefit than anything else.

We all know Magick is powerful, it can create miracles, often times instantaneously. Mindset is also important. It can be very hard to get your mind to focus. The mind is a noisy place. When the mind is not relaxed, it cannot manifest anything positive.

I personally use brainwave entrainment audios to help with my mindset. I have been using Brainwave entrainment audios since the 80s.  I won’t write or read without them and I ALWAYS use them before a ritual and often times during. I have to say, it is incredibly powerful. But before I go into that, let me explain what brainwaves are.

Brainwaves are the brains way of communicating its state. These waves are electrical impulses and are measured with an EEG or an electroencephalogram. The brain has several waves that can be recorded and graphed. Each brainwave corresponds to a particular state.

* Alpha Waves: This wave occurs during relaxation, meditation and prayer. This is the ideal state to be in when you pray and perform certain rituals. Inducing this state is recommended.

* Beta Wave: This wave occurs during our normal waking hours, it is very active, and we tend to get in this state when we are working out or when we need to focus intensely on an issue. Using Beta Wave programs can often give you that extra push you need to get going. This state is often recommended when working with hard spirits, spirits that have a heavy energy.

* Delta Waves: This wave occurs in deep sleep and can be used in meditation. For me personally, it is wonderful for sleep and that is what I use it for. I also use it when I call upon more serene Hindu deities.

* Gamma Waves: These waves are high frequency waves and are a few steps above Beta waves, they can help with pretty much anything that Beta Waves can, but adding that extra kick. Demonic and Jinn Magick work well with this frequency.

Theta Waves: This wave also occurs during prayer and meditation, but it takes it to a much deeper level. This Brainwave is also used to increase creativity and is optimal for learning. Using an audio with Theta waves will really super charge your rituals, it is for this reason many of the audios on have varying degrees of theta wave frequencies.

Now that we have the waves outlined, let me explain why getting into Alpha or Theta is useful in most of your rituals.

When you are in Alpha or Theta, you are in a relaxed state; the frantic, panicky waves of Beta have subsided. Your subconscious mind begins to ” open up” for lack of a better term. When this happens you are in the proper state to perform most rituals. This works especially well with mantra and angelic work, some demonic work as well. Once the doors of the subconscious mind start to open up, the judgmental mind begins to fade. This is critical, since in a ritual, you want to be as clear as possible in your thinking. Even the slightest doubt can derail a magical practice.  Getting into Alpha and Theta will help very much for most magickal purposes.

I have used many programs over the years to induce these states, I tried to use the available products, and they were powerful, but I felt because magick is so personal, and the various entities I work with are somewhat specific,  I did not want to use a canned product. So I decided to create hyper-specific brainwave entrainment audios. They can be found at

These audios are working very well, I created a few for family members who are occultists and a few of my friends. I also have 20 beta testers. it is working for them as well. A relative told me I should make it available to the public.  So, here they are, i am bringing them to the occult community. I am hoping it will bring great value to you and your occult practice.

Please go to

I am confident you will find the right audio for your practice.

So Mote it be,

Baal Kadmon.

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